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Circuit protection industry development factors
Announcer:积辉电器  Date:2019/11/14 11:50:21  Views:452

Almost all electronic products in the market need electricity as a driving force. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the circuit can operate safely during use, and to avoid damage to the user and property damage. In order to ensure the safe operation of the circuit, electronic products need to install circuit protection components in the appropriate circuit parts. The key protection areas are: power supply, battery, motor, display, input port (USB, I/O, keyboard, etc.). Chip, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) board, etc. In the market, the production and sales of consumer electronic products, mainly flat-panel TVs, notebook computers, digital cameras, smart phones and other products, continued to grow, driving the growth of the circuit protection industry. The trend of miniaturization and integration in such applications has led to a significant increase in the probability of failures such as overvoltage and overcurrent in products. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of products, it is necessary to increase the density of circuit protection components. The following are six major factors related to the growth of the circuit protection device industry:

(1) With the development of electronic products, the function (integration) of ICs is getting stronger and stronger, and its “worth” is naturally more and more noble, so it needs to be strengthened.

(2) In order to reduce power consumption, reduce heat generation, and prolong service life, semiconductor components and ICs have lower and lower operating voltages, so their ability to withstand overcurrent/overvoltage needs to adapt to new protection requirements.

(3) More and more mobile electronic products, such as mobile phones, IPDAs, notebook computers, DV machines, digital cameras, optical discs, etc. These electronic products require battery components, and must be equipped in battery components and battery chargers. An electrostatic protection element like an ESD discharge diode.

(4) In modern luxury cars, more and more electronic devices are equipped, and the working conditions are worse than ordinary electronic products. For example, the driving conditions and environment of the car are changing rapidly, and a large instantaneous peak voltage is generated when the car starts. . Therefore, in the power adapters for these electronic devices, it is generally necessary to install overcurrent and overvoltage protection components at the same time.

(5) Many power and electronic products need to prevent lightning strikes and crosstalk between power lines and telephone lines to ensure normal communication and personal safety. Therefore, with the development of power/electronic products, the demand for overcurrent/overvoltage protection components is on the rise.

(6) According to statistics, 75% of the faults in electronic products are caused by overcurrent/overvoltage. IBM has analyzed the cause of computer power failures, of which 88.5% are due to overcurrent/overvoltage.