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Insert temperature control switch
KSD01F is a contact sensitive temperature drawing style plastic-sealed thermostat, working stably with a insulated case and a long lifespan.
Product Details

Principle Features

The product acts promptly without arc discharge. It's easy to install and having not much radio interference. Circuit board, switching power supply, charge, and ballast are mostly applied to.

Electrical Specifications

? 2A/30VDC

? 2A/120VAC

 . 1A/240VAC


Insulated case, small size, easy installation;

Prompt action, without arc discharge;

Better fit for installation and welding of printed circuit boards under conditions of reaction to automation equipment, which save much labor costs;

Temperature is pre-set before sale, suitable for single temperature range control;

Resistant to water; brine, alcohol, ammonia, trichloroethylene and most organic solvents.

Scope of Application

Product Appearance and Structure Drawing

? Printed circuit board

? Power supply system

? Computers and computer peripherals

? Aircraft

? Automation equipment and test instrumentation


Technical Parameters

Operating Temperature: 30°C-150°C. Any temperature range within the operating one can be realized according to the customer's requirements.

Temperature Tolerance: ±5 °C, ±8 °C.

Options are available for the normally closed and the normally open types.

Identifications Description