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Open thermostat
The open-type thermostat has small size, large contact rating, and sensitive response.
Product Details

Product Description

The open-type thermostat has small size, large contact rating, and sensitive response. When the set temperature is reached, the thermostat contacts are disconnected. The disconnected status is maintained while the heat source is connected and the bimetal can't be reset. Once the electric appliance is disconnected, the temperature controller is automatically reset, thus ensuring safety, reliability, long service life, etc. The open-type temperature controller is easy to install and avoids overload and overheat of small household appliances.

The product is certified by VDE, UL, CQQ ROSH, etc.

How It Works

When the temperature controller rises and reaches the contact temperature, the circuit will be disconnected, and the current will be looped through the PTC element and quickly rise to the rated reset temperature so that disconnection remains on. When the power supply is turned off and the temperature drops to the predetermined rated temperature, the bimetal will resume to close the contacts and complete the circuit The controller works again.

Scope of Application

Hairdryer; electric heater; warm-air blower; hair curler, electric oven, dehumidifier, clothes dryer; massage chair, dishwasher, electric cooker; heating rack, and other electric heating appliances.


Technical Parameters

Types: normally closed and normally open;

Operating Voltage and Current: AC250V/10A AC125V/16A;

Operating Temperature: 50°C-150°C (every 5 Celsius range for one shift);

Standard Tolerance: ±5°C;

Reset Temperature: operating temperature;

Closed Resistance:<50mQ;

Insulation Resistance: >100MQ;

Service Life: 10,000 times;

During the installation and use of the thermal protector; it is not allowed to touch the shrapnel and the temperature sensing part, otherwise, the temperature of the protector will be misaligned and the contact will be poor.