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What is the working principle of the KSD301 snap-on thermostat?
Announcer:积辉电器  Date:2019/11/14 16:25:47  Views:398

Scope of application:

It can be used for temperature control of household appliances, such as: electric boiling water bottles, electronic disinfection cupboards, water dispensers, electronic clothes dryers, microwave ovens, electric heaters; or power supply machines, rectifier equipment, household appliances and various electric appliances. Control and overheat protection components are used.

working principle:

The series of snap-on thermostats are small bi-metal thermostats with a housing and are temperature relay devices. The principle of instantaneous bounce of the disc-shaped bimetal under the action of temperature is utilized, and the contact is quickly acted by the action of the mechanism to achieve the purpose of disconnecting or turning on the circuit. The working temperature is fixed, no adjustment is needed; the action is reliable and the arc is small; the service life is long; the radio interference is small.

Model meaning:

Technical Parameters:

Rated electrical parameters:

5A Series AC250V 5A/AC 125V7A (Resistive Load)

10A Series AC250V 10A (Resistive Load)

Weak series AC24V 0.5A/DC12V 0.25A

Normal electrical strength: AC50Hz 2000V does not breakdown for one minute, no flashover

Normal insulation resistance: greater than 100MΩ (500V megohmmeter measurement)

Contact form: single pole single throw (S.P.S.T), divided into five types:

1 is turned on at room temperature, the temperature rises the contact is open, and the temperature drops the contact is turned on.

2 Turn on at room temperature, the temperature drop contacts open, the temperature rises the contacts

3 disconnected at room temperature, temperature rise contact is closed, temperature drop contact is disconnected

4 disconnected at room temperature, temperature drop contact is turned on, temperature rise contact is disconnected

5 Turn on at room temperature, the temperature rise contact is open, manual reset is turned on

Grounding method: connected to the grounding metal parts of the equipment through the metal cover of the thermostat