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Is the snap-on thermostat a thermistor?
Announcer:积辉电器  Date:2019/11/14 11:36:14  Views:406

Many people think that the snap-on thermostat is a thermistor type. This is a false perception that the snap-on thermostat is not a thermistor. Let's talk about the difference between the thermistor and the snap-on thermostat.

A snap-type thermostat, a thermostat with a bimetal as a temperature sensing component. When the appliance is working normally, the bimetal is in a free state, and the corner corrosion point is in a disconnected state, when the temperature reaches the operating temperature. The bimetal is quickly actuated by the internal stress generated by the heat, opens/closes the contact, and cuts/closes the circuit to function as an air temperature. When the electrical appliance reaches the reset temperature, the contacts automatically open and return to normal working condition.

The thermistor is a semi-conductor ceramic, which is a type of sensitive component. It is divided into a positive temperature coefficient thermistor PTC and a negative temperature coefficient thermistor 0T°C)o according to the temperature coefficient.

The typical characteristics of the varistor are temperature sensitive and exhibit different resistance values at different temperatures. There are three types of thermistors: PTC, HT°C, FTRo

Through analysis, we can know that the snap-type temperature and temperature control switch is not a thermistor. There is a big difference between them. Don't confuse them.