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Solution to the failure of the snap-type thermostat
Announcer:积辉电器  Date:2019/11/14 14:08:45  Views:486

The snap-on thermostat is a very common thermostat, but in the process of use, we occasionally encounter the failure of the snap-on thermostat, so what should we do at this time? Share it here. The solution to the failure of the snap-on thermostat, let's get to know it!

Solution to the failure of the snap-type thermostat

1. The cleanliness and finish of the contact surface have a great influence on the working state of the contact. When the surface of the contact is rough or there is excess on the contact, it is easy to cause arcing and reduce the life of the contact. Therefore, the part cleaning process should be improved to eliminate unnecessary materials; the process of screening excess materials should be added to improve the quality and reliability of the thermostat.

2. Select the material suitable for the working environment of the contact in the material selection of the contact. AgNi15 contact material is recommended for the working environment with large load. For the environment with small load, Ag contact material can be used.

According to the working mechanism analysis of the reed, it is very important to improve the performance of the thermostat by reasonably designing the structure of the reed, selecting the reed with the proper stiffness, and correctly setting the position of the action point of the push rod.

4. In the design of the action point of the reed push rod, in order to avoid the phenomenon of cracking, the rounded corner of the reed can be smoothly designed to avoid stress concentration.

5. The breakage at the bend of the reed is caused by insufficient fatigue strength, so increasing the fatigue strength of the reed is a solution to avoid this situation.

6. Improve the surface cleanliness and finish of the contact. In the daily work, the cleaning of the contact surface should be strengthened to remove the oxide, so that the quality and life of the snap-type thermostat are improved.

7. The influence of hot bimetal on the temperature control of the snap-type thermostat is obvious. Therefore, the hot bimetal should be heat treated several times to enhance the fatigue resistance.

8. The hot metal sheet needs to strictly control the two parameters in the design, which are the circumscribed circle radius and the arch height. Reasonable control of the two parameters is beneficial to reduce the probability of drift in the hot bimetal.