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What are the common faults of mechanical thermostats?
Announcer:积辉电器  Date:2019/11/14 14:01:30  Views:490

The life of a household refrigerator is not very long, but as long as we use it properly every day and pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, it can greatly extend the life of the refrigerator. The refrigerator thermostat is a device used to adjust the internal temperature of the refrigerator. There are many types of refrigerator thermostats. What are the common faults of mechanical thermostats?

First, the principle of refrigerator thermostat

The action of the bellows acts on the spring, and the initial spring force of the spring is controlled by the knob on the control panel. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the temperature sensing agent gas in the capillary tube and the bellows expands, the bellows is elongated and the switch contact is turned on against the spring force of the spring, and the compressor is operated and the system is cooled. When the temperature drops to the set temperature again, the temperature-inducing gas shrinks, the bellows contracts to move with the spring, and the switch is placed in the off position to cut off the motor circuit of the compressor.

Second, what are the common faults of mechanical thermostats?

1. The thermostat terminal is stuck off

The compressor does not start, the thermostat dynamic and static contacts can not be disconnected, so that the compressor does not run, the thermostat contacts can not be disconnected, so that the motor of the refrigerator compressor does not stop, except that it is due to the balance bomb. If the elastic force is too weak, it may be caused by the adhesion caused by the accumulation of the object on the contact. Under this condition, the power can be turned off, the thermostat knob is repeatedly rotated from the "stop" to the coldest position, and then the power is turned on, and the spine returns to normal, indicating that the fault has been eliminated.

2, the thermostat is broken, causing compression, not wishing to start

The main reason for the temperature change of the thermostat is that the wiring is caused by the leakage of the clamp or the leakage of the temperature sensitive agent. The temperature sensing agent leaks, the pressure in the temperature sensing chamber is reduced to atmospheric pressure, and the lever connected to the moving contact is only subjected to the pulling force of the balancing spring. Therefore, the moving and static contacts cannot be closed and the temperature controller is in an open state, and the compressor cannot be started. In order to further check the hand holding the temperature sensing tube, give it a slight addition to the cylinder. If the contact is still not closed, the temperature sensing agent does leak.

3. The temperature control tube of the thermostat leaves the surface of the evaporator, causing no downtime.

The temperature control of the thermostat is too low, causing no hunger. It should be noted that whether it is a new or repaired thermostat, after installing the refrigerator, it must be debugged to make the box temperature within the rated range. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the refrigerating compartment is 2 degrees. If the thermostat contacts are closed above 10 °C, adjustment is required. When adjusting the operation, first check if the temperature sensing tube is installed.