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What about the choice of snap-on thermostat?
Announcer:积辉电器  Date:2019/11/22 15:54:49  Views:450

1, the speed of the temperature, the demand in this area and the power of the heating commodity match, the greater the heat power, the faster the temperature needs to be considered, then the temperature of the snap-on thermostat and the accurate selection of the temperature range need to be considered, the snap-type thermostat pair The temperature is fast, the speed is fast, and there is no arc characteristic.


2, the snap-on thermostat itself is heated. The snap-on temperature controller now has internal copper qualitative data. The heat of different copper data itself is different. If the data with large heat is used, it will affect the temperature sense of the bimetal. This requires the selection of no-current thermal effect planning, temperature accuracy, and long life.


3. When some of the current and voltage used by the snap-on thermostat are more sensible to heat the item, you need to consider the electrical problem. It is best to choose the normal electrical strength: 50HZ, 2000V, 1m without breakdown or flashover temperature switch. .


4, the use of body shape is the most critical, the snap-type thermostat uses two aspects of thinking about key components in all directions, it is a double metal strip, the body of different temperature fields will be very different, the natural price is also very different. One is the contact, the snap-on thermostat completes the switch through contacts and disconnects, so it can withstand the requirements of having to contact current and voltage data and thickness. I will not enter the above two points.


5, the snap-type thermostat device, the temperature control switch temperature is sealed on the surface of the aluminum cover and the internal air of the snap-type thermostat can be radiated to the temperature sensor through the aluminum cover, and the temperature control switch manufacturer is small in the device. The cargo should be placed close to the surface of the equipment of the controlled equipment. Then also consider in the equipment, do not collapse or deform the shell, so as not to affect its performance.